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XKPHARM has professional R&D team with 18 technical personnel specialized in scientific research, including 5 doctors or senior engineers.We have full experience in product development and research in different stages, R&D in laboratory, trials and industrial production in orkshops.We have R&D lab with 1,000m2 , with the reaction equipment from 10 ml glass bottle to 100L glass reaction kettle, can be engaged in mg several levels of research and development to the kg level of the production.

Our innovative technology is aimed at "green chemical technology",devoted to shorten the synthetic route, avoid high pressure reaction, av-oid to using dangerous reagents and raw materials with high pollution.

Our Innovative Technology

(1) Chiral synthesis technology.

(2) Toxic, harmful raw materials, solvent replacement technology.

(3) Development of the new catalyst and efficient catalytic technology.

(4) Shorten the reaction route.